Meet Chris & Mike Dial


Mike Dial | Co-Owner, Head Brewer

The brewery and art is brainchild of Mike who is Co-Owner and Head Brewer. The concept of WanderLinger has been something Mike and his wife Mandy have worked on for the past five years. They are avid backpackers and our name and logo reflects what they enjoy doing most - wandering and lingering. After years of being a home brew enthusiast Mike looked upon his stash of beer equipment as it grew to fill his garage and said "This is getting too fun to not make
some money doing it..." and that's where the story begins!

Chris Dial headshot.jpg

Chris Dial | Co-Owner

Every successful business has a mastermind and someone to keep the mastermind in check...this is where Chris comes in!  As an experienced businessman growing and developing businesses for 15 years, he brings not only a passion for drinking beer but the knowledge of how to make the business stay afloat.  Chris dabbles in home brewing taking advice from Mike on a monthly basis...but his real skill is in helping spread the word and build a great long-term business. His goal is to ensure patrons taste buds are quenched for decades to come!



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